A volume allowance is extended when Walmart purchases large volumes of merchandise. A code 52 occurs when this allowance is listed on the supplier agreement but not included on an invoice. 

How to Prevent Valid Code 52s

  • Code 52s would only be triggered when there is an allowance listed on your PO and it is not listed on the invoice. Because these are only triggered when an allowance is given on your PO, Walmart tends to be difficult about disputing them except for a specific scenario. You should review your allowances before shipping your PO. Outside of a scenario like this, disputes for allowance claims would have to go through your buyer.
  • Check with your EDI provider to make sure applicable allowances are being included on invoices.

Can it be Disputed?

Yes, Code 52s can be disputed through the dispute portal if you can prove that the allowance was actually given on the invoice. 

The common scenario for invalid code 52s is that your Supplier Agreement states that an allowance is supposed to be given off-invoice, but your EDI provider is actually giving the allowance off-line-item. In this scenario, the correct dollar amount is being withheld from the invoice, just from the wrong place. Disputing through the dispute portal and showing that the correct amount was already withheld can often overturn the deduction.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 52s

For the scenario mentioned above, try to dispute through the Direct Commerce portal first. For other scenarios, the only recourse would be to talk to your Buyer directly.

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