Code 109: Journal Entry
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A Code 109: Journal Entry is sometimes used by Walmart when bulk deductions are created in Retail Link. It is a temporary code that will be replaced with a more specific code if the deduction is ever actually taken from a check. This code is most often associated with returns.

To learn more information about a particular Code 109 deduction in Deductions Navigator, download the claim document from the deduction details page. It may contain some information to help you determine what the code is for.

Can it be disputed?

APDP does not accept disputes for Code 109s because the deduction has not yet been taken from a check and APDP has no record of them. Because this is basically a placeholder code, we recommend that you archive these deductions and wait to see if the deductions are ever applied under a more specific code. You can bulk archive them in Deductions Navigator, or even set them up to be auto-archived.

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