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What is Auto Archive?

If you have specific deduction codes that you and your team do not want to dispute, you can utilize the Auto Archive feature to get these deductions out of sight and out of mind! We always encourage our customers to go after every deduction they believe to be invalid, but if you have specific claim codes that are always valid or handled outside of the typical disputing process, Auto Archive can ensure that you only see the deductions you care about.

How to access Auto Archive?

Auto Archive can be found in the System Settings within Deductions Navigator. This feature is currently available in Deductions Navigator for both Kroger and Walmart.

How does Auto Archive work?

Claim codes selected for Auto Archive are auto-archived daily. This will only apply to deductions moving forward; any previously existing deductions will not be archived. This means any deductions you select will stop showing up in the Actionable tab of the deductions list view page and will instead go straight to the Archived and All Deductions tabs, where an archived indicator will appear underneath their current status.

How is this different from the Auto Hide feature?

While these two features may sound similar, Auto Archive lets you view the archived deductions in the app, whereas Auto Hide prevents the selected claim codes from being stored in Deductions Navigator.

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