Deductions Buckets

- Actionable: By default, all claims that have not been disputed will be included in your Actionable claims bucket.
- In Progress: After a dispute has been submitted and is pending, it will be moved to the In Progress bucket.
- Archived: Once a dispute has been either approved or rejected, it will be moved to the Archived bucket.

Archiving a Dispute

There are some claims that you may not wish to dispute (such as Code 94s or 60s) and instead of them remaining in the Actionable bucket, you can archive the dispute to mark them as "will not dispute". This will move the claims to the Archived bucket where you still have visibility to the claim, but they are not included in your Actionable metrics.

Bulk Archiving Claims
To archive multiple claims at once:

- Click on the Deductions tab and select the Actionable bucket.
- Use the Filters to view the claims you wish to Archive (ie: Filter by Codes to show all code 94s).
- Click the box next to "Select one or more deductions to view bulk actions". This will select all claims listed in your view.
- Click Archive

Archiving an Individual Claim
To archive a single claim:

- Open the claim
- Select Archive

This will place the claim into the Archive bucket marked as "will not dispute".

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