Code 14: Short/Damaged (Trailer Seal Intact)
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Code 14s are filed when there was damage to or a shortage of merchandise received at the Walmart facility, and the trailer was sealed and not opened until delivery. Damages and shortages are likely the result of poor packaging or mishandling by the carrier.

Code 14s are most commonly taken as “re-deducts” after a code 22 or 24 is paid back, so backup is often not readily available.

How to Prevent Valid Code 14s

  • Since the trailer is sealed by the shipper and is carried directly to the retailer facility, damages are likely the result of poor packaging or mishandling by the carrier. Be sure to package goods to prevent damage in transit.

  • Ship in full per the PO

  • If prepaid, evaluate your carriers if you see an abnormal frequency of code 14s with a certain carrier

Can it be Disputed?

Disputing code 14s is difficult, but if you can prove that the shipment was in full or items were packed and loaded correctly then it is worth filing a claim in APDP. Walmart will often deny the claim and provide proof documentation that the shipment was received damaged/short, at which point you would need to use that proof documentation to file a claim with the carrier (if prepaid).

How to Dispute Invalid Code 14s

Supporting Documentation:

  • Bill of Lading showing correct items/quantities shipped

  • Proof of Delivery showing shipment delivered and signed for in full

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