Walmart’s suppliers have three options when it comes to disputing a deduction with Walmart (DirectCommerce, High Radius, and contacting their buyer).

The most common way to dispute a deduction is through DirectCommerce, the service Walmart employees to handle their Accounts Payable disputes. 

An example of some common codes you would dispute through Direct Commerce are: 

  • Code 22's - Goods Billed not Shipped

This carton shortage deduction code is one of the most common deductions for a supplier to receive and, if the claim is invalid, is typically a warehouse/receiving issue at one of Walmart’s DCs. Since the issue was identified at the Warehouse, this is an Accounts Payable claim and can be disputed through DirectCommerce. 

  • Code 25's - No Merchandise Received

Suppliers will typically receive this deduction when they are invoicing too soon. This deduction would be disputed through DirectCommerce because it is a receiving issue and identified before reaching the store.

There are some codes that Walmart suggests you dispute through High Radius or with your buyer, such as: 

  • Code 73's - Duplicate Payment

These deduction codes are suggested to dispute through High Radius. Since Walmart must issue an invoice for the deduction to rectified, it is categorized as an Account Receivable claim which falls under High Radius.

  • Code 57's - Quantity Discount

The Quantity discount deduction occurs when an allowance is listed on a supplier agreement but not an invoice. This can sometimes happen if there you and your buyer agree to a promotion deal, because of this, Walmart suggests that you speak to your buyer and they will be able to rectify any misunderstandings. 

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