We're happy to share the following new features and enhancements to SupplyPike OTIF. Check out the details below!

Export OTIF Data by Line

You can now export OTIF data by PO Line to further analyze and share OTIF performance data broken out by PO Line. This includes item number, item description, and line case counts. 

To export by line, follow these steps: 

  1. On the Dashboard in the top left, click Export OTIF Data
  2. Select your filters, and click View By, then select Line Level
  3. Click Download Data.

Clickable Bar Graphs on Analysis Page

When viewing the Analysis pages (Carrier, Origin, Destination, or Item), you can now click on a bar in the graphs to go straight to the scorecard for quick drill down analysis.

View Failing PO Lines on the Dashboard

The Dashboard now displays all POs with the applied filters to quickly be able to view any failing POs for OTIF compliance.

Export POs from Scorecards

It's now possible to export the list of POs from scorecards, such as a carrier or DC scorecard to be able to share or further analyze.

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