With the OTIF Analysis page, you'll be able to:

  • Identify your largest opportunities for OTIF improvement
  • Grade each piece of your supply chain
  • Drill down deeper to PO or PO Line level data

Choose Your View

Click the icon to view OTIF performance by:

*More Info: Click on a link above to view additional details for each OTIF view. 

Identify Top Opportunities

The graphs show your 10 worst performers from each of the key OTIF metrics' perspectives:

  • In Full
  • Prepaid On Time
  • Collect Ready

Hover over bars for more detailed information or click on any bar graph to drill down into the details. 

*More Info: Go to the OTIF Scorecard article for help with the drill down analysis.

View As

View OTIF performance by Percent or by Volume.

By Volume shows you worst performers judged by most non-compliant cases.

List of Destinations

While the graphs highlight your worst performers, the table shows All so you can evaluate performance for all entities in your supply chain.

You can also toggle between In Full, Prepaid On Time, and Collect Ready metrics to view performance for the metric you want to dig into.

View Details

Click on a row to deep dive and view the OTIF performance and detailed data for any piece of your supply chain.

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