SupplyPike OTIF makes it easy for you to quickly filter your data by Walmart Week or Month, by vendor number, and by shipment type (Prepaid versus Collect).

To change your filters, click the relevant filter button at the top right of the screen. These filters will remain in place throughout the application, so you don't have to change them as you drill down into your analyses. You can also change your filters on any screen, including your scorecards.

For the date, click on the calendar button and select either the Walmart Week or the Walmart Month.

For the Vendor Number, click the button that shows the first Vendor Number in your list.

By default, all of your vendor numbers will be selected. You can click the Deselect All but to uncheck all of them. You can also search for a specific vendor number.

For the shipment type, click the button that says either Prepaid & Collect, Prepaid, or Collect.

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