View Historical Performance of carriers, items, destinations, & origins

You can now view OTIF performance over time for every one of your carriers, items, destinations and origins when you view their OTIF scorecards.

For example, to view carrier performance over time:

  1. Go to the Analysis tab at the top of the OTIF app.
  2. Click on Carriers.
  3. Click on a single carrier either in the bar graph or in the table at the bottom of the page to open up that carrier's OTIF Scorecard page.

You will see an OTIF Compliance Trends graph at the top of the page showing OTIF performance for all POs that were moved by that carrier from a weekly perspective. 

To view performance by month, or by day, click the drop down in the top right corner of the graph and change the selected time period.
Hovering over the data will show the exact score and case counts for the selected time period. 

Compliance Issues highlighted in List of POs

Now, when viewing your lists of POs throughout the OTIF app, you'll see a new column called Compliance Issues after the PO Number. This column will contain any Supplier Accountability compliance issues on each PO.
Directly to the right, you'll see the relevant case counts for any OTIF failure, with failing case counts listed in red.

This information will also be included on the PO export. 

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