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Best practices when emailing bills of lading for attachment to disputes

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For teams who receive signed shipping documents directly from their warehouses or another internal source, SupplyPike offers an integration to process these documents and automatically attach them to relevant orders and deductions inside Deductions Navigator. This can be a huge time saver since your shipping documents are ready and waiting for you whenever a deduction comes up!

SupplyPike uses a custom email + OCR (optical character recognition) process that has been optimized for shipping documents like BOLs (bills of lading). The setup is extremely simple:

  1. We will provide you with a custom email address where documents should be sent

  2. Your team sends any relevant historical shipping documents and all new documents as they're available

  3. We automatically process the documents and attach them to their related claims/deductions within Deductions Navigator.

  4. SupplyPike is currently able to process 4 general BOL file layouts: Files with 1 individual BOL, Files with multiple individual BOLs, Files with a Master BOL and multiple individual BOLs, Files with a master BOL and 1 individual BOL


  • Combined file size for any individual email should not exceed 25MB. .zip files are acceptable as long as they do not exceed 25MB.

  • SupplyPike places limits on the number of files to be processed under our standard email integration. If you need more volume, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

    • 800 files per day per supplier

Best Practices

  • Most teams have their warehouse simply add the custom SupplyPike email address to their carbon copy (cc) list, so whenever they are scanning in documents they are sent to SupplyPike as well.

  • Documents must include the retailer Purchase Order in the body of the document in order to be matched with deductions in Deductions Navigator.

  • We support most file types, but we do not support .eml, nor nested emails (an email within an email). We will automatically convert the file type to .pdf before attaching it to the associated claim.

  • No need to filter out BOLs for other retailers, our process will simply drop any files that do not match to a deduction.

  • Handwritten BOLs and or handwritten notes on printed BOLs have a lower likelihood of being processed successfully by OCR.

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