SupplyPike Deductions Navigator allows you to re-submit disputes that have been canceled, rejected, or are pending vendor with one-click.

Steps to Re-Submit a Dispute

  • View a deductions detail page.
  • Scroll down to the Deduction History section to view comments on why the original dispute was canceled, rejected, or marked as pending vendor.
  1. Add or edit the Dispute Description.
  2. Edit the Dispute Details if necessary.
  3. Add any applicable documents, such as BOLs/PODs or other supporting documentation by either checking the box of an available document or click +Add Other Document to select a document from your computer.
  4. Click Resubmit Dispute.

The deduction’s status will immediately change to Pending Walmart and the dispute will be re-submitted behind the scenes.

Receipt in Direct Commerce Portal

The re-submitted dispute will typically appear in the Direct Commerce dispute portal within seconds. In very rare scenarios, it could take several minutes to appear in Direct Commerce, but rest assured that it’s on its way.

Dispute Failures

If Direct Commerce will not accept the dispute for a technical reason (i.e. - it is a duplicate of an existing dispute, your Direct Commerce credentials are invalid, etc), then we immediately stop the process and change the status back to Not Disputed.

The cause of the failure will be clearly displayed in the Dispute Information section (as seen below). From here, you can make corrections to the dispute and resubmit it to Direct Commerce.

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