SupplyPike Deductions Navigator allows you to filter your deductions list view to display all deductions that have specific document types attached.

For example, if you want to filter your view to show all deductions that have a Bill of Lading or Proof of Delivery attached, follow the instructions below.

  1. View your deductions list.
  2. Click on the Documents filter.
  3. Select 'With' or 'Without' (for example, if you wish to see all deductions that do not have a specific document attached, select 'without').
  4. Click the Document Type drop-down menu to select the desired filter (ie: select Bill of Lading to view all deductions 'with' a bill of lading attached).

Click Done to view the filtered list of deductions.

You can select multiple document types using the Documents filter. If you choose more than one document type, your list will be filtered for deductions that have all of the selected document types.

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