Steps to Submit a Claim to Kroger

Deductions Navigator empowers you to submit deduction disputes with only a few clicks. The process is simple:

  1. View a deduction's detail page.

  2. Update your claim information and documents that you want to send.

  3. Click Submit Claim.

The deduction’s status will immediately change to Submitting Claim... and the dispute will be scheduled to be submitted behind the scenes. As soon as the dispute is successfully submitted in Lavante, the status will change to Pending Kroger.

Receipt in Lavante

Dispute submission requests are enqueued and submitted in the order they are received for your company. An individual dispute will typically appear in Lavante within seconds. If you are submitting a large volume in a short period of time then it could take several minutes or even a couple of hours for all disputes to be completed, but rest assured that they are on their way. Once a dispute has been received by Lavante, it will display a status of Pending Kroger.

Claim Tips and Failures

If Lavante will not accept the dispute for a technical reason, then we immediately stop the process and change the status back to Not Claimed. Below are some common failure reasons and helpful tips when submitting claims.

Select Claim Type

Deductions Navigator for Kroger automatically suggests the Claim Type for many deduction codes. On a few codes, it’s not always clear the best Claim Type to select automatically, so when this occurs, the Claim Type will show an indicator to let you manually select the best claim type for this deduction.

You must select a claim type before submitting the claim.

Claim Amount Under $100

All deductions that are under $100 are automatically placed into the Will Not Dispute status. Per Kroger policy, disputes under $100 are not eligible to be disputed.

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