Accounts Payable Deductions

  • Deductions are associated with a particular supplier invoice.

  • Each deduction line typically contains:

    • UPC

    • Item Description

    • Deduction Amount and Quantity

    • Deduction Code and Code Description

  • The deduction is withheld from the payment by Kroger.

Viewing Deductions in Lavante

Kroger Deductions can be found in the Lavante portal created by PRGX. All Kroger suppliers should have access to Lavante.

Lavante is the portal to view your:

  • Supplier Invoices

  • Kroger Payments

  • Kroger Deductions

Lavante is also where you can dispute these deductions, and later view updates on those claims.

AP Deductions vs Accounts Receivable Fines

  • AP Deductions can be specifically identified in the Associated Deductions table when viewing the Invoice details page in Lavante.

  • Accounts Receivable fines from Kroger can also be viewed in Lavante. These will show up as Invoices in Lavante, as they are invoices from Kroger to you.

  • ORAD Late Delivery fines is an example of an AR fine.

Types of Kroger Deductions

There are at least 8 types of AP deductions that suppliers may see. The type of deduction will be on the invoice as a code (e.g., 4, 6, 7, etc) with an associated code description.

Fore more information on these Kroger deduction codes/adjustment reasons, please see our Kroger Adjustment Reasons article.

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