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2024 Release Notes for Home Depot Deductions
2024 Release Notes for Home Depot Deductions
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Release Notes - April 12th, 2024

  • Deductions Dashboard is here! Get a better look into your Home Depot deductions with the dashboard. Filter down by dates to get a more precise look at a certain window in time. Use the Deductions by Type or Deductions by Amount graphs to better understand where certain deductions are falling.

Release Notes - May 10th 2024

  • Auto Disputing is live and we couldn't be more excited! Completely automate the process of disputing Home Depot deductions with a click of a button. Make sure to check your Supplier Settings via the gear icon in the upper right of the app, right next to your company name.

Release Notes - May 17th 2024

  • Export deduction and chargeback level data from the List View with ease!

Release Notes - May 31st 2024

  • Unlock the power of Bulk Disputing Home Depot Deductions! Create work flows and dispute even more -- faster! Checkout more here

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