Viewing Deductions

To view your deductions, click on the Deductions tab.  Upon opening, you will be viewing all Actionable deductions.  Click on each tab to see deductions based on their category.

  • Actionable: deductions that have not been disputed and action is needed.
  • In Progress: deductions that have been disputed and are pending.
  • Archived: deductions that have been approved or rejected by Walmart. 
  • All Deductions: a comprehensive list of all deductions.

By default, deductions are sorted by Claim Date with the most recent to the top. However, you can sort or filter your deductions by a variety of other options. For more information on sorting and filters, please see __[in progress]__.

Searching for a Deduction

To search for a specific deduction, enter the invoice/claim#, PO#, or Item # into the Search box. 

All deductions matching the search information will be displayed.

Filtering Deductions by Date

To filter the list of the deductions by a date range, click on the Claim Date filter and use the calendar to select the desired date range. 

By default, claims are displayed by Claim Date. You can also select to filter by Check Date, Dispute Date, or Closed Date using the date filter.

Filtering Deductions by Status

To filter the list of the deductions by status, click the Dispute Status drop-down menu and select the status you wish to view. 

All deductions that match the selected status will display. 

Filtering Deductions by Code

To filter the deductions by claim codes, click the Claim Code drop-down menu and select the desired code.

As you filter your deductions list, the Total Claim Amount will be updated based on the deductions displayed. To reset your filters, click the Clear option.

Filter by Document Type

You can also filter your deductions list by documents that are attached to them. For example, you may want to filter to see all Not Disputed code 22s that have a Bill of Lading attached.

To do this, click the Documents button and, using the drop-down menu, select With or Without, and the Document Type (such as Bill of Lading).

Deduction Details

Click the > button to view additional information on the dispute and to submit a dispute to Direct Commerce.  For instructions on submitting your dispute, please see Submit a Dispute.

Export Deductions List

You can export a list of your displayed deductions by clicking the Export button in the top right corner.  Deductions will be exported to CSV, which can be opened using Excel or another spreadsheet program. You can export by deduction code or by claim line.

*Note: The deductions export will export only the deductions displayed on the screen based on the filters you have selected.

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