Write a detailed dispute description

Write 1-2 sentences under description describing the documents you are attaching and why the claim you received is invalid.


  • This deduction code 22 on 1/23/2019 for item #10929 is invalid because we have a proof of delivery from our carrier that the correlating Purchase Order (#1088189) was delivered in full on 12/15/2018 including all quantities for item #10929. Attached is the proof of delivery for that shipment, a pdf of Purchase Order #1088189, and the Invoice for that order (#818082908). 

Include all suggested documentation with your dispute

Be sure to include all relevant documentation with your disputes, such as the Purchase Order, Invoice, BOL, related emails, etc.

Pro Tip: Emails are especially important. Having a clear naming structure for your Subject line when addressing any contacts inside of Walmart will allow for you to find it later more easily. 

  • Suggested Structure:“Item, PO, or Invoice Number” “Issue”, “Suggested Solution” 
  • Example: Item #386629 Out of Stock, Substitution of Item #101829

Requesting for Backup

If you have questions about why you are receiving a deduction that is not answered in SupplyPike's Help Center, requesting for backup on a deduction that you have received from Walmart may be the preferred way to determine if the deduction is valid or not. 

For your request for document retrieval to be complete, the template below must be completed and returned. To return the completed form, use the “Submit by E-mail” button at the bottom of the form or email it to wmgbs@wal-mart.com. 

Necessary Company Information 

  • Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Fax

Necessary Claim Information 

  • Claim Number
  • Invoice / Claim Date 
  • Dollar Amount of Claim
  • Document / Micro Film Number 
  • Check Number 
  • Division & Store Number 
  • Country

Dispute with Direct Commerce First using SupplyPike

A best practice when it goes to researching a deduction code that you are unfamiliar with is to go to SupplyPike's Help Center or Request for Backup (see above). 

Another way to get the necessary information is to dispute the deduction through Direct Commerce first using SupplyPike's Deduction Navigator app. If the claim is unable to be disputed through Direct Commerce, the agent handling your case will input a Rejected status and message which will direct you to the correct location. 

If your claim is rejected in Direct Commerce, this does not hurt your chances of disputing other ways (in High Radius, or with your Buyer).

Submit a Dispute in SupplyPike Deductions Navigator

Now that your familiar with best practices on submitting disputes, check out the following article to start submitting your disputes with SupplyPike: Submit a Dispute.

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